What does a liaison interpreter do?

Liaison interpreting is the most informal form of interpreting, typically used during visits of delegations or at small business meetings. The interpreter accompanies the group or delegation on its visit and interprets whenever required. For business negotiations, the interpreter sits at the table with the negotiating parties; different techniques are used depending on the situation. For up to three participants, whispered interpreting may be used; for larger meetings, consecutive interpretating will be chosen.

If the sites visited are noisy (e.g. factories or open-air sites), the use of infoport equipment is recommended.

Where is liaison interpreting used?

This technique is used for business negotiations, site visits, fairs, etc., for groups of up to 10 - 15 people.

What does liaison interpreting involve?

The interpreter will need to sit or stand right next to the person(s) who require the interpreting.

Please bear in mind:

  • This technique, too, requires a high degree of concentration. Assignments which are intensive and/or long will therefore be staffed with two interpreters who take turns.
  • Infoport equipment should be provided for noisy environments.

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