Technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation

The conferencing equipment required for simultaneous interpreting consists of a central unit which receives the signal from the meeting room's amplifying equipment and transmits it to the interpreters' booth(s). These are equipped with a console allowing the interpreters to adjust the volume and choose incoming and outgoing channels. Connected to it are the headphones and microphones for the interpreters. Their interpretation is transmitted back to the central unit and from there by the IR (infra-red) beamers to the participants' receivers. These little devices are equipped with headsets, a volume control and a switch so that participants can choose the right language channel.

Please bear in mind:

  • Participants' receivers are expensive. Several hundred euros are charged if they are broken or lost. It is therefore recommended either to have them insured or to hand them out only against an I.D., fee, or receipt unless you know your audience well.
  • The receivers' batteries have to be recharged overnight. For events lasting several days, this means that the receivers have to be collected every evening and handed out again the next day.

Infoport (tour-guide) equipment:

When interpreters accompany groups through noisy environments, we recommend the use of infoport or tour-guide equipment. It comes in a portable case and consists of participants' headsets and a microphone for the interpreter(s), with a radio transmitter for transmitting the interpretation to the participants.

Please bear in mind:

  • Infoport microphones do not have a "cough button" and cannot be switched off during the event as this would cause a very unpleasant noise for the participants. Therefore everything that happens in the vicinity of the microphone, including distracting noises, is audible to the participants through their headsets.
  • The interpreters do not have headsets and must therefore be placed close to the speaker to guarantee that they hear what is being said.
  • Furthermore, everyone in the audience who is near the interpreters will hear them speak.

Rockwool (Steinwolle / Isolations+Dämmstoffe)

„Es hat alles wunderbar geklappt am Montag, vom Aufbau bis zur Übersetzung, alles wunderbar!!
Vielen Dank und wir werden Sie auf jeden Fall in Evidenz halten für zukünftige Tagungen!"