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V.I.T.A. was founded in Vienna in 1991 by two conference interpreters, Brigitte Schächter-Hold and C. Naomi Osorio-Kupferblum. V.I.T.A. was the first interpreting agency in Vienna to focus on the congress and meetings sector. In 1996, V.I.T.A. Paris became the second mainstay of our interpreting and translating company. Together, our offices offer professional language services for all types of international projects and in every field. For more details of the services provided, visit references.

Our pool of translators and interpreters is hand-picked. No easy task, with a total of several hundred busy professionals working for V.I.T.A. around the world! But this is a crucial point and guarantees that the services we provide to our clients are of a uniformly high standard and quality. The people in charge of administrating your language projects are:


Our team

Brigitte Schächter-HoldBrigitte Schächter-Hold

Mag. (University of Vienna)
General manager
Conference interpreter since 1985
Working languages: German, French, English, Spanish
Certified court interpreter for French
Conference team management Europe

C. Naomi Osorio-KupferblumC. Naomi Osorio-Kupferblum

Mag. Dr. (University of Vienna), B.A.(Hons.) (University of Oxford)
General manager
Conference interpreter since 1988
Working languages: German, English, Spanish, French
Revision of translations, conference team management worldwide

Sabina Metz-Davit

Sabina Metz-Davit

ESA Vienna
Office administration (conference back-office, translations, accountancy)
V.I.T.A. Vienna

Nina Kratz

MMag. (University of Vienna)
Back-office (registration of orders and administrative processing)



International Press Institute

"All of those who attended the conference widely praised the interpreters for their work, especially during the evening of the speech by Chancellor Schüssel after what must have been an extremely tiring day for them. [...] I would have no hesitation in recommending these interpreters to anybody who should have need of simultaneous translation facilities and, should the need arise, I would be more than willing to provide a glowing report of their work and abilities.
In view of this, I would like to ask you to extend my personal thanks to each interpreter for all their help and hard work, without which our conference would have failed to meet its objectives."