Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most difficult professions around.

As an interpreter you are expected to have perfect command of two or more working languages, a good general knowledge, and a detailed knowledge of several specialist areas. You have to be able to cope with a great deal of stress and have excellent manners (to help you deal with people of different nationalities and cultures and from all walks of life). You have to be prepared to put aside your own opinion, personality and private life, and you need a strong constitution.

We attach the greatest importance to professionalism, loyalty towards your colleagues, and complete reliability.

It is our task as interpreters to do everything within our professional abilities to make each event a success.

What can we, at V.I.T.A., do for you?

Our interpreting teams are put together according to many criteria, with an emphasis on the good working relationship between booth partners. We take care as far as possible of all the organisational matters, and explain to the client the conditions you need in order to be able to fulfil your job to your own satisfaction as well as to ours and, of course, the client's. We also make sure you get all the available material so you can prepare for the event.

What do we expect of you?

We expect you to observe an interpreter's professional ethics, to prepare thoroughly for the event, and to be polite, punctual and helpful towards your colleagues, the client and the conference delegates. Whenever necessary, you can contact our offices before, during or after the conference event.

If you believe you have the right profile and would like to join our team, send us an application with the following details:

  • Mother tongue (A language)
  • Active foreign language (B language)
  • Passive foreign language(s) (C language/s)
  • a short CV outlining your professional training
  • A list of the conferences you have interpreted over the last 3 years
  • References and/or a "sample" tape

Graitec SA (industrie de l’acier)

«Toujours aussi satisfait de votre prestation, tant dans l'interprétation que dans l'aspect purement technique (montage/démontage etc...).
Nous ne manquerons pas de recourir de nouveau à vos services dès besoin.»